Electricity and Voltage

The standard electrical voltage in Canada is 120 volts AC, 60Hz. Canada uses a standard North American plug/socket. 

Type A

Type B

You can buy an inexpensive adaptor for your electrical equipment at most convenience and drug stores.

Telecommunications/Useful Numbers

Domestic and international calls can be made from hotel rooms. Pay phones are widely available at airports, bus stations, hotels and many accept calling cards and credit cards. Many hotel rooms are also equipped with jacks for connection to computer modems. Internet use and internet cafés are widespread. There are several mobile network providers offering comprehensive coverage throughout most of Canada. Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and TELUS Mobility are the three national network providers. 

Dialing Codes

  • Country code: 1

  • IDD code (International Direct Dialing): 011

  • NDD code (National Direct Dialing)1


Emergency Numbers

In emergency situations, you can contact the local police, ambulance service, fire department and other emergency services by calling 911

If no one is in immediate danger or in urgent need of help of care, please use non-emergency numbers to connect to the fire department or police station, or to get medical help and transport to a hospital through ambulance services.


Non-emergency Phone Numbers

Vancouver Police: 604-717-3321



Fire: 604-665-6000



Lost Passport

If you lose your passport, make a 'lost report' at the nearest police station. Then contact your consulate to have your passport replaced.


Lost or Stolen Wallet

If your wallet or valuables are lost or stolen, please notify your hotel immediately and report the theft to police. Keep a separate record of your credit card numbers and report the loss to your card issuers as quickly as possible. Please check with your credit card issuers or insurance company for emergency assistance. Most issuers have toll-free numbers and 24-hour services to deal with such emergencies.


Lost Items at UBC

If your personal belongings are lost on UBC property, you can contact UBC Lost and Found.



Money Matters

ATMs are available all around the city. Credit cards are widely accepted and used at all accommodations and almost all shops and restaurants.


Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are widely accepted in Canada. Credit cards can get you cash advances at bank ATMs, usually for an additional surcharge. The Vancouver airport has a currency exchange kiosk but generally the exchange rate at banks is preferable.


Canadian Currency

Canadian currency – the Canadian Dollar (CAD) – consists of both bills and coins. 

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